The Banality of Evil

According to the results of the first round of French elections, Marine Le Pen is second; but everything could change at the second one.I consulted official polls sites, such as the IPSOS, on which rely politics and media until the moment when the campaign is closed.

There was an online poll on the site on the intention of voting at the second tour: I participated to it, and, when done, I clicked on the end: “see the results”; they are awful: 79°/° of people who participated to  this poll, have the intention  to vote for the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Clearly, France would not be a democracy .The effect of 2002 is inexistent:  at the Presidential Elections in 2002, her father was at the second round; but, afraid of this result, people voted against  him. They didn’t vote for the other candidate and his ideas, they voted AGAINST the FN.

The idea to protect the democracy and the values on which our country is based was still powerful in the public opinion.

But the opposition left / right has no more meaning; even the difference between a moderate right  (the Center, in French terms) and the far-right is tough in these elections .Human rights defenders , anti-racist  associations call to elect Macron, the other candidate : even if I am of the left border ( in the USA, I would be Democratic) , I will always vote, NOT  FOR a candidate, but AGAINST the FN.

Sadly, this ideology of hatred is now part of our country, unlike in 2002.

It is why I named this post by the book of Hannah Arendt,  Eichmann in Jerusalem or A Report on the Banality of Evil. Her book was firstly published in 1963, in the USA, after the trial of Eichmann in 1961.She writes in it that , unlike people can think, Eichmann is not a monster, he is not different from us. When asked about the reasons he made all this, he answered only that he had to obey to orders: a good officer, who shows us that everyone can become as him. The Nazi system is organized as a pyramid: the supreme leader (the dictator)  gives  orders to his ministers, who give orders to the army, to the education, to the church, and these ones to the population: who is responsible at the end ? None,  because all have obeyed to an order.

The writer who had the best understood the system and denounced it is George  Orwell, with 1984, and Animal Farm.

Our society has the illness in it, where humanity itself does not care .When your hatred of the  other religion can lead you to repeal it, as in Trump’s Muslim Ban, where is the human being?

As  Trump, Marine Le Pen wants a closed society, a closed country: first , a “Frexit”, just as the “Brexit”; but British economy and currency are strong now; French ones are weak: the situations are so unequal that it will lead France to an economical disaster.A UK pound is worth 1, 5 euro; I am aware of it: when I want British books,  they are expensive to me.

To add to the financial crisis, she wants us to leave the Euro countries, and go back to the national currency: economists have estimated that it will lead to a persisting  economic crisis. But people think that the euro is responsible for the high prices of basic produces. The category of population who think so is the elder, who thinks  in Francs : a coffee in a café is worth 1, 50 euros; they make the conversion, and for them the price of the coffee is 10 Francs, so expensive…With these reasons, these categories want to leave euro, persuaded that life would be cheaper.

And the international policy? No one cares. But she is for Assad. Assad, Putin, Trump, the Hezbollah, and Marine Le Pen.Marine Le Pen is for Assad

It is awful  to me to write these lines: I support since its beginning the Syrian  Revolution.

Today, on Twitter, posts  which  associated Marine Le Pen to Assad were shared.

On March, 15, 2011, a people  revolted against a dictatorship, and claimed dignity, social justice, freedom.

Trump is with this dictator.

If elected, Marine Le Pen will be, too, with this man , #chemicalAssad.Assad and Putin even bomb Mosque, April, 2019


Until the second round, we have to resist to  her ideas.#RadioLondres.



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