Will you vote for Pétain, asks human rights defender?

Even if Marine Le Pen tries to get rid from the past of her party, it is still here, and its name is fascism.It took power in our country in 1940, when Marshall Pétain surrendered to the German invaders and accepted their exigencies.


This period, from 1940 to the Liberation in 1945, is called”Collaboration” and is a shame in the history of the 20th Century in France; Pétain accepted to give all the Jews of the country to Germans, so that they can deport them; the “Vel d’Hiv”, named from the stadium where they were detained after their arrest, awaiting to be transferred by Germans, is a symbol of it. He accepted the Nazi ideology of the “native citizens”, so that foreigners or people who were not catholic, the main religion of the territory, were treated as they were in the  Nazi Germany.

When Marine Le Pen’s father was still leading the party, these values of the past were evident, because he negated the use of gas in Nazi camps, he negated the  existence itself of these camps, despite their remaining, and the books written by survivors , such as If it is A Man, by Primo Levi.

More recently, this racist ideology grew  in the 60th, this time not towards Jews, but towards  Arabs: during the Algeria War, when it became  more an more evident that Algerians were obtaining their independence, an extremist ant terrorist organization, the Secret Armed Organization (OAS, in French) appeared, and made terrorist attacks , first, against Arabs, and against the symbol of the power, the President .They still have an internet site; as I have looking for  archive pictures, I was redirected to their site; I left it, because of the hatred propaganda it shares.

Now, interviewed  by journalists, Marine Le Pen says that she has nothing to do with this past: but when the party was conducted by her father, ex-members of this organization were in the first to enter the FN .Marine Le Pen is too young to have personally attended these events, but she inherits of a party with a fascist and racist ideology.

In 1961, in October, the 17th, as Algerians were demonstrating pacifically by walking by night in Paris, to protest against the cover fire, some were thrown in the Seine with the participation of the police.affichette_ici_on_noie_les_algeriens

When she says, now, that all people who are not born in France will have to pay to attend school, that Social Security will be only for native citizens, that Jews and Muslims will be only “tolerated”, and that foreigners will have to  go out, where are the roots of this ideology? She is against, too, the asylum right, to protect the territory from terrorist attacks: just as Trump.TrumpIn my region , Corsica, at the first tour, she obtained higher results than in the general ones: 27, 70°/°.

We are one island in the Mediterranean, speaking both French and the local language, Corsican ; Arabs and Muslims are well living in the society, they work, they practice their religion with discretion : here, the mosque is near a night-club, and a night asylum for people from the streets.

The reason of this vote? In the past: in the 60th, there were many Corsican in Algeria, and they lost everything in 1962, with Algerian Independence, on July, 5.


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