Bahrain: Roots of a Revolution, Roots of a Repression

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On February, 14th, 2011, the Bahrain Revolution began, the roots of a fight for democracy, even unknown.

Roots that are symbolized now by Nabeel Rajab’s tweets against the Regime. The 2011 Revolution never gave birth to a movement similar to the “Arab Spring”, but activists are trying to establish democracy by the use of social networks. The roots of the Bahrain Uprising are on Twitter, and the roots of repression have hit, then, on Twitter.

Guilty of having tweeted for liberty: this is the charge against Nabeel Rajab and all Bahrain activists.They tried to be the roots of liberty, and the Regime found them.

Their tweets constitute the  roots of the repression towards them, of their arrest, their imprisonment, and the fact they never had a fair trial.

The FIDH and Amnesty International call for the release of these figures of liberty, but the power is closed on itself as an oyster.This photo is property of the Twitter account @CLuna27:

Nabeel Rajab, Twitter account of CLuna27,April, 26, 2017

These are the real roots of the repression towards Nabeel Rajab, and the absence of answer to international human rights organizations: the absolute closure of the power.

When Bahrain upraised in 2011, the generation of  February, 14th, thought to be the roots of a Revolution in Bahrain , as in other Arab countries: but the Regime , with its police and Ministers, are closed absolutely  to the roots of a progress.

Now, Nabeel Rajab, jailed since so long, is suffering of health problems which can’t be cured in prison. The conditions of his detention could be the roots of them; furthermore, he is not young, now.

He  must be released, first, because tweeting is not a crime; secondly ,  to have access to health care.

As a conclusion of these two causes, he MUST be  freed without conditions.

If you read these few lines from the beginning to now, please follow the link below and ACT for his FREEDOM and this of others activist jailed for criticizing  the Regime:

Here are the  roots of the liberty they deserve and are deprived of.




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