#RadioLondres: French elections worldwide

The stakes have never been higher in French elections, since the disaster of the 2nd tour in 2002, when the National Front (Font National, FN, in French)was leading.

Usually, there is a margin between the first candidate and the second; the third is not very far. Now, there is not this margin: the first candidate is leading far away from  the second and the third.

And this is such a threat that , at an international level, exist petition and hashtag on Twitter. As for the petition, it has been launched by Noam Chomsky, the great philosopher and teacher at the MIT, and personalities of the cinema , such as Oliver Stone. The platform of petitions  http://www.petitions.moveon.org , is  the support of it. We give the link below,  because in some days it has reached many signatures:


The title “France please don’t repeat” finds its explanation  in the fact that  for progressive Americans,voting Marine Le Pen at the first round, as many French think of, would place her in such conditions that at the second tour, it will repeat the American elections: another that Melenchon versus Le Pen , Le Pen would win, as  in the USA, Clinton versus Trump made the victory of Trump. It is an American point of view.

And  for most Americans , all measures taken by Trump go against democracy and the founding principles  of the United States in the Constitution, established in the 18th Century, and its Amendments.

In case of a victory of the fascist party, the hashtag #RadioLondres was created on Twitter and has a great activity since two days.

It is not viral, because most of Twitter users continue their activism against Trump, precisely, and in favor of Syria.

Since media have announced that Assad was loved by the majority of Syrians, anti-Assad accounts, revolted, tweet their support to the FSA(the Free Syrian Army), the White Helmets, the National Council, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, and I don’t want to forget the site of information http://www.genocideinsyria.org.

I have tweeted myself  for the Syrian Revolution.

But equally, Syrian Revolutionaries tweet for the French elections.

The header of this post is taken on the account @LaVoixDesSyriens, a project to support and inform about the Syrian Revolution, in French. It is its originality, all the others are in Arabic, in English , or bilingual.

Syrians, too, have interest  in  these French elections: knowing that Marine Le Pen would make politics with Assad and Putin, we understand this interest.

Yes, she said that Assad was a really good guy to make politics with.

In this very case, #RadioLondres is not a joke: many sites of information have their  base in England.

English being the second language of Syria, after Arabic, it can be understandable.

In 2011, they made a Revolution for dignity, freedom, social justice, equality.

These, as Americans, we have since the 18th Century.

Americans and Syrians aware us of what is a life without liberty.

On Twitter, and on the ground, in the USA, the Resistance to Trump is everywhere.


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