Back to the Wall(s)

As the war in Syria ravages, day after  day, the country, since 2015, some are seeking a shelter elsewhere.This is Syria today for kids:Assad and his victims, The Syria Campaign, Twitter, April, 18, 2017

Children have seen the worst , and their parents try to bring them to a safe territory.But since 2015, the year called “the refugees crisis”, leaders   have closed all borders.

The traditional way , by earth, by the Balkans,balkans_route from Syria to Europe, Foreign Affairs

is a road of nowhere: arrived in Hungary, at the frontier with the European Union, refugees , whatever their age or health, are put in closed camps, which can recall us the  worst of of past, because of iron  barricades .

Some are obliged to stay in the trains , when they arrive at a station , and to leave them quickly when there is  a departure. Their existence is precarious, and they have  paid a fortune to leave the war.

Those who arrive to Vintimille, in Italy, the” border “between Italy and France, are systematically led away, and beaten by the police. Volunteers of associations point out the numbers of times when the police beat them, take away from them their personal affairs, put them under threat, to make a claim to Human Rights Organizations.

But often, these volunteers are arrested and their data destroyed. It was the case in the North of France, in Calais, where many refugees went, because it was the last step before their goal, England.

Calais was a camp where migrants hoping to go to England installed; but quickly, it became a camp in the official one, and people called it “the Jungle”: they saw migrants a a danger, and these ones survived in conditions that were a shame , and denounced regularly by associations:kids of the war had not left it to grow in the rubbish. However, trash was their only horizon.

Syrian serious organizations, such as the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Syria Charity, or the French one La Voix Des Syriens, agree on the number of 5 millions of refugees produced by the repression of Basher Al Assad.

Towards Europe, those who tried the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea were no more lucky: Amnesty International realized recently a video titled “Night has fallen on Europe”(this translation is my own, the video is in French, the text said by the actress Catherine Deneuve, giving her voice to the dead).

The photo of young AylanUn-an-apres-la-mort-d-Aylan-personne-ne-fait-rien

went viral, and then, as usual, indifference fell again.

Now, it is no more an issue of compassion, nor of indifference.

Leaders have made of migrants a threat: Trump has presented them as a danger for the security of the USA, with his Refugees  Ban.

And European countries  followed this policy.

Now, Amnesty International has proposed to make  a comparison of the French candidates towards refugees; none has a coherent politics.

As for Marine Le Pen, the French Trump, she is absolutely against the asylum right which is part of our Constitution. Marine Le Pen As seen by HRW, Twitter,April, 20,2017

On the bottom of the photo, we can read “In the Name of the People” , but it is not universal: it is the French one.

In 1989, at the time of the Bicentenary of the French Revolution, a Wall fell: this of Berlin.

It was a time of happiness, because a long past was abolished, and Europe was really united.

The Wall symbolized  the Cold War.

In 2017, Trump and European leaders are building other Walls: Walls to our Values, Wars on Human Rights.


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