The Bad, the Ugly, and the Worst

As we are , now, at 4 days of the first round  of the elections, the electoral campaign is officially closed; but we can see in the streets  mouth-to-mouth campaigning, by distribution of tracts, and personal debates, about the stakes of the elections.

Polls show that the far-right wing candidate Marine Le Pen, so near to Trump’s ideas , can be the winner, with 22°/° of the intentions of votes. Behind her, the right and the  left candidates are sharing, one, 19°/°, the other, 18°/°.

The 4 candidates who can win the 1st tour, April,19, 2017

These polls are serious: the last one was realized by the CEVIPOF, a Center on Political Observation Ideas in France, a laboratory dependent on the  High School Sciences Po (Political Sciences). Only former French Minister, François Fillon,  can be before her.

And  the stakes are serious, because the candidate has shown sympathy for Putin , Trump, and Assad: the risk for liberty is high; the campaign continues by the smartphones, by messaging.

A base against the National Front (in French, the party is called “FN”) is constituted, and I was contacted yesterday as a member of it; the center of the movement is in Paris, of course, but I am proud to be part of the resistance to this plague.

Her program , at an international level, is to exit us from Europe, but to support the policy of the two warriors that are Trump and Putin ,and to sustain, by this mean, the butcher Assad.

As France has promised to be part of the commission of investigation about Syria, this promise will not be realized if she is elected.

In 2002, France awake, yet, at the results of  the first round, and it was as if we were all drunk: her father was leading.People who had not voted at the first tour, went to the second, to block him, to make a barrage against fascism in the country.

And now, this sympathy in the national level? She has exactly the same program as Trump : a closed country, turning its back to the progressive  values it was founded on in the 18th Century.Trump and JM Le PENHer ideas , she inherited from her father , here with Trump.

In the beginning of the afternoon, at three o’clock in the afternoon, 3 PM, an hour when the shops are usually open, I made a curious experience: I walked in a closed town , a phantom, because streets were empty, and no noise could be heard. I went to the library, gave them back the book I had read, and went home. On the road of the return, shops opened, and some people made their apparition , these of the mouth-to mouth campaigning.

Her ideas are diffused by media, with an open propaganda.

The definition of propaganda was given by Hitler: show ideas so that the dumbest can understand them.

Putin and Trump used that tool, of course.

An uprising , a resistance or revolution, supposes to have understood the roots of the propaganda, and to refuse them.Warsaw Ghetto Uprising,April, 19, 1943

April, 19th, is this birthday: we conclude on it.

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