French Trump is growing in popularity

As we enter in the last week until the first round of presidential elections, it is clear that one personality grows in polls: the far-right wing candidate Marine Le Pen, the French Trump .

The question now is : why? French, as American, are proud of their democracy , built  in the 18th Century.

They left their precious liberty in two periods of the 20th Century: in 1940, when Marshall Petain surrendered to the German invaders , the period called “Collaboration ” , until 1945.

The other period was the Algeria War, a Civil War, Algeria being part of the  French territories as a colony, and a War between partisans of a total repression towards Arabs (the terrorist organization OAS is the most violent expression of it), and those who had sympathy for Algerian Independence.

Veterans of the Algeria War are the only living Veterans.

But Marine Le Pen, as Trump, arrived to make admit to the population fascist ideas; it is the work of the propaganda, and the best way to explain this consent of opinion is Noam Chomsky’s book, Manufacturing Consent.

With media, people admit ideas they never share in normal times. Repeat them all days that the country , with its economical problems, could be saved by two simple means: leaving Europe, and sending back all foreigners to their land of origin, this motto, by its repetition, finds sympathy in the lowest classes. The promises is to give French the jobs of foreigners: exactly what said Trump.

Towards the upper classes, she has a discourse which brings us back to the 19th Century: no more  abortion (authorized since 1974) , no marriage between LGBT, death penalty (abolished in France in 1981), no other religion that  Christianism  (she has put out, previously, Muslims and Jews).

Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Europe: these are her enemies.The “Make America Great Again”could easily be her program, if we replace “America” by “France”. The ideas are similar. The way of sharing them, also:TV interviews,  polls given almost every day, which make the idea usual, conventional, that she could direct the country.

Her gesture, analyzed, is near of this of Trump, but for a European, the way you salute with your right hand, is important: for an American, the upper right hand , leaving a meeting, could be a sympathy “bye”.

All European public are focused on a gesture which is common to all fascist parties: the Nazi Salute.

Looking on pictures and photos, I found some where she is  near of, but, unlike her father, she never did it.Often, she closes her hands on the table, so no gesture is made: she seems embarrassed  by her hands, and her gesture is limited.  It is revelatory.

She does not want to show until where she is able to go.

But we know where her father tried to bring us in 2002.By a movement of resistance, at the second tour, he was beaten, when people awake with him as leading .

With hope, antifascist and anti racist networks awake .



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