Far-right Wing candidate Marine Le Pen finds Assad a very good guy

As French electoral campaign is on its last line (the 1st tour of the elections is on April, 23), the Syrian Genocide is getting worse every day.

Why this association in the same post? Because her political party has always been directed against Arabs  and Muslims, and it could seem not evident that she has so sympathy for a Syrian. But she sees in this dictator, who exterminated his people since six years now, an ally against Terrorism.

Yes, French , beware, dictatorship is better  when  terrorism matters.

The state of emergency  is not sufficient; against Daesch, or ISIS, she finds important to have good diplomatic relationships with a dictator like Assad.

If not sufficient, she has , too, sympathy for Putin, responsible for the bombing of Syrian civilians and of a terrible repression in Ukraine .

But Putin is European, and White. Her sympathy for Assad is exceptional , because he belongs to the Arab population.

In Lebanon, she created scandal by the simple fact of her visit to the President of the Country, Aoun. A petition was created against her, in English and Arabic ; we found the link on a Muslim  site, http://www.oumma.com:



She is racist, as Trump, but, unlike Trump, who refuses first Blacks and Latinos, her racism is directed towards Arabs and Muslims; this is a question of history: France has a colonial past, and never forgot its defeat with the Independencies . A “revenge” and “hatred” feeling is mixed in this racism. Her party diffused anti-Muslim propaganda, focused on the hijab, as if all Muslims wore it:


To this, add the actual economical crisis, and she wants to give all jobs to  French people.

Her chant could be “Make France Great Again”, to parody this of president Trump. She does not want to build a wall with other countries, but has the program of a “Frexit”, like the “Brexit”.

She is, of course, against refugees. She want the actual foreigners out; she will not accept others.

So, she hates: Europe, Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, foreigners in general, and non-Christian religions: Jews are not better considered than Muslims, even if she doesn’t tell it.

Her father made bad jokes  about Jews and crematoriums in Nazi Camps.

Sympathy for Assad?

It recalls me a song: “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Because Assad is the Devil.


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