Syrian children killed by Assad without measure

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Measure and Unmeasured  : these two opposite  can qualify what happen to Syrian children since 2011.

Assad, with his shelling ,arrests, sieges, deprived Syrian children of what is considered as a normal childhood; their suffering is without measure, even if media are not aware of it. They are  a lost generation, by the unmeasured things they lived : a normal (measured) education , an access to  basic medicines, a normal food, all these things by which we measure childhood, they were deprived of.

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Sieges made them suffer of starvation , and the lack of medicines impeached the vaccines : for children, it is unmeasured. Assad, in his massacres of civilians, made no difference between adults and kids: shelling were without measure, but the worse was with the use of chemicals.Syrian Children first victims of War, Twitter, April, 14, 2017

On civilians, it constitutes a war crimes, under all international laws; on his own people, a genocide. And a genocide, the extermination of a whole people, is incomplete without children . The future of Syria has been equally exterminated, and no measure is known by the responsible for these acts.Syrian Child saved fom Chemical, Twitter, April, 14, 2017

Now, alerts are created on the future of these kids, especially on Twitter : they deserve a normal childhood, they who never knew anything else that the war. Syrian children dream to attend school, Twitter, April, 13,2017

“Measure” is a word they ignore the meaning of, as “peace”. They know their contraries, “unmeasured” , because they lived in a disproportional massacre, a trauma, and “war”. Only teenagers, born before 2011, have known a life without war, but it was under a dictatorship: where is measure, in all cases?

Assad takes glory, without measure, of these crimes:

Assad and Syrian Children, April,14, 2017

And now, with the awful measures taken both by Assad and ISIS, teens are old enough to make warriors , or rescuers, in the aim to protect Syria. They can join the FSA, the White Helmets, or stay with their bombed family, and try to feed them, in the measure they can.

Europe has taken all the possible political  measures to close its borders, and refugees who think of building   a peaceful and measured life in Europe die in the seas between Turkey and Greece.

What can establish measure, peace, and democracy in Syria? In 2011, they wanted to topple Assad and the Baath to build a democracy.

In 2017, they still want to write their own Constitution, with dignity, freedom, social justice.

Unlike the dictatorship of Assad and the terror spread by ISIS, this is measure.

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