The United Syria of Daesch and Assad

Syria is now living on its hope of democracy, on the hope that the world will awake and take conscience of this awful situation.

Unlike the UN, which failed to reunite Syria with peace talks, Assad and ISIS (Daesch is the transcription of the Arabic name) are united in the same objective: war to Syrians.

Daech Arabic

To refugees who are rejected by all rich countries, to women and children , to civilians of all age and conditions.

Children of this generation have never attended school, it is a lost generation.They dream of  normal school curses. Syrian children dream to attend school, Twitter, April, 13,2017

What they saw? Shelling, and victims of nukes.We know by psychiatrists that the trauma of war will be long in their memory, and never disappear totally.

Some associations come to Syria , with trucks of the necessary help: food, medicines, blankets for those who left their warmest affairs in the bombing of their home.

Convoi médical pour la Syrie, Twitter, April, 13, 2013

Amnesty International and the American  network  Nation Builder  ask for donations to rescue the victims of Idlib.It is in Idlid and in its province that the chemicals made the  most violent ravages :medicines and medical practice are required; but if the patient is saved, he (she) will need a safe food and drinkable water to take forces.

Here is the link of the call of Nation Builder  in favor of Idlib:

In these bombing, it is quite impossible to say when Assad is responsible, and when ISIS.

But ISIS is responsible for spreading the media, the traditional ones, and the social media.It has become the universal threat for the West , and even for Arab countries.

In Egypt, Assisi saw immediately Daesch in the  terrorist attacks of Cairo; he declared quickly the State Emergency, and Opponents to his politics stay jailed, whatever the petitions signed to free them.

President Trump finds in ISIS a justification to war and to the Muslim Ban.

In France, in time of electoral campaign, the far-right candidate, favorite in polls, thinks that  Assad is a fine politician, and is ready to collaborate with him.

But Daesch, so present in the media, is used to justify her Islam phobia . On Twitter, Muslims are obliged to post tweets with quotes of the Quran testifying that” Islam “means  “peace” and that the religion does not found murders nor terrorism: many verses go in the sense of pacifism.

ISIS, by its presence everywhere, is an advantage to Assad: he is free to act, to murder.

Meanwhile, the opinion is focused on ISIS, and doesn’t realize Assad’s  policy of genocide.

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