FREE Dr Nasser Bin Ghaith

In this post, I want to   inform about  the petition of Amnesty International for the release of Nasser Bin Ghaith, imprisoned for having criticized the political regime of Abu Dhabi . Here is the link of the petition, wich is signaled as “URGENT ACTION”:

I signed it myself, and tweeted it.

The photo of the header is taken on Twitter.

Precisely, it is for the use of Twitter as a mean of expression that the eminent Academic Nasser Bin Ghaith, who taught at the Sorbonne University, is jailed.

Nasser Bin Ghaith, Amnesty International, April, 7, 2017

It is exactly the same case that Ahmed Mansour, the lawyer, who used the social network to defend human rights.

As Ahmed Mansour, Dr Nasser Bin Ghaith was arrested without arrest warrant, by night, at home, and sentenced to ten years of prison. He had no access to a lawyer . For a while, the public didn’t know where he was; in these cases, it is called “inforced disappearance”.

This practice is absolutely a violation of all laws, and of human rights.Recently, on Twitter, users precise that he has been transferred to a prison:  the name of the place where he is detained is  known; the sentence and hashtags “#whereisNasser”? have no more meaning.

But we know that , in prison, he is at risk of torture: the petition of Amnesty , calling to free him, and tweet in his favor, is to avoid this.

Moreover, he committed no crime: criticizing political ideas is a human right. All Declarations of Human Rights, the last being this of 1948, recognize the right to express freely his ideas, by all supports.But activists of human rights in the UAE loose their freedom for having expressed their thoughts.All a network is jailed for this.Freedom the UAE, April, 4, 2017

Unlike this, the UAE share now the bad reputation to retrain civil liberties, even for foreign travellers who go for working  for a period: the time they live in the Emirates, their liberties are no more those of their native country, but these of the Emirate they work in.Travellers for workinf in the UAE lack of Civil Liberties, Amesty, November, 10, 2016

The Gulf Center for Human Rights provide information on this restriction of liberty, in partnership with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the International Organization Against Torture, and others NGO.

To conclude: call to release Nasser Bin Ghaith is an URGENT ACTION.

If you read this post, please ACT, SIGN, and SHARE.

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