Syria: #ChemicalAssad

From the moment when chemicals were used in Syria, demonstrations began on social media, especially Twitter.Stop Bombing Syria, Syria Deeply, April, 10 ,2017

It became some of a turning point in the genocide committed by Assad, with the help of Russia and Iran .Now, this use is general, and the hashtag #ChemicalAssad is viral on Twitter , with photos of children victims  of these weapons.Bashar and his victims, Free Syria Media Hub, Twitter, April, 8, 2017

Under international laws, and the Convention for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Napalm and Sarin, which were  used first, are forbidden: the remaining of these arms must be destroyed; unlike this, chlorine is not prohibited.In consequence, it became the WMD of the Syrian Regime against his own people.

According to doctors and specialists, this chemical, before killing , let serious lesions in the body.

The health is under attack in Syria, since the year when Assad began the repression of the Revolution by bombing Homs, in 2012.Now, with the tactic of the siege, and the use of chemicals, Syrians are victims of serious diseases . A team , composed of American doctors , in partnership with the American University of Beirut (AUB) has launched the project, since March 2017, called “Syria Health” , to examine the health of the civilians, and the medicines and surgeries needed.

In effect, during the period of sieges, the besieged areas had no access to medical supplies, basic medicines, and , in the periods of bombing, most hospitals were destroyed by shelling: the petitions and protests against this practice, relayed on social media  by the hashtag ” #NotATarget” , were without efficiency.

Chemicals were an aggravation of the problem.Without medical staff with  enough qualification (either  they chose the exile as refugees, either they died with their patients), how to treat such a plague?

The article of the American medical review “The Lancet” is interesting , and affordable for all public; I don’t work in medical field, and read it without difficulty.

In the article, the reader will find a plurality of reports in PDF, and info-graphics, all in free access.Syria_commission_infographic, The Lancet and AUB

On Twitter, the Opposition shares graphics about the deaths and injured since 2011.

Statistics give the origins of the casualties since 2011 up to now: Assad is responsible for 92 °/° of these tolls, deaths and injuries.

Who's killing civilians in Syria 2011-2017, Twitter, April, 10,2017

But behind statistics are human beings; the intervention of Trump in the conflict , which was a disaster without him, is not a good idea, and most American criticize it on Twitter.

Unlike it,  the project of these American specialists in medicine to launch a project , in the goal to help Syrians by their qualifications, is so excellent that we heard first of the idea by  a Syrian Opposition Network:

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