Syria: The Next Cold War Will Not Take Place

It began to be an admitted idea that we were entering in a new “Cold War”, according to most media.

But the alliance, in Syria, of President Trump with Russia, to bomb Syrians goes to the contrary of this  prejudice. I wrote “to bomb Syrians”: yes, because the aim of Trump is not to topple Assad and help the Syrian Revolutionaries to achieve their goal of 2011, democracy.

A man who partly destroyed the principles on which American democracy were built is not to help others in this ; he agrees with Putin, and doesn’t condemn Assad.His war is supposed to be against ISIS.

But the way he put the USA at war is contrary to the Constitution, there was no consultation of the Congress; he acts alone.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) condemned his act. On Twitter, American citizens tweet against what is called politely the “collateral damages”: shelling, whit their power, bomb equally civilians and combatants.2017.04.07_syria_strike_ACLU

So, after having denounced the killing of children by Assad, Iran and Russia, we have now to denounce the participation of the USA, in their President.

Most Americans are against this intervention, and protests are numerous: on social media, they express their discontentment ; on an intellectual point of view, many books are edited on the year 1968, the year of the biggest demonstrations worldwide.

But Trump does not matter: he is  convinced that these Syrians are terrorists and represent a threat to the USA. After the “Muslim Ban”, the “Refugees Ban” , against seven countries, especially Syria, now he is going at war, on the ground, to kill these terrorists.

But the stake is the same that with the “Refugees Ban”: the menace  is unfounded .Among Syrians are peaceful civilians, couples with a job , elder people with diseases which cannot be cured in Syria, children , and even babies.Children victims ofchemicals in Syria, Twitter, April, 8, 2017

The “War on Terror”, to recall an expression of Bush’s times, has no sense in these conditions: are babies terrorists? And disabled persons?

War on Terror , or War on Humanity?

The  alliance Assad, Putin, Rouhani, Trump  against the Syrian people…

To defend themselves, they have the Free Syrian Army (that Trump confuses with ISIS…); to rescue the wounded, the White Helmets; to inform us against all this misinformation, they have the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Syria Awareness Campaign.

The accounts of ISIS are excluded of Twitter, thanks to the users who survey the network, and try to keep it safe.

Unlike this, Syrian information sites are disturbing by their videos , because they tell us the truth: chemicals are the weapons used against Syrians.

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