How you can help Syria after the chemical attacks

After the chemicals strikes , essentially in Idlib , of April 4 and 5, the photos and videos went viral on social networks and traditional media, which is an exceptional fact: generally,  papers and TV don’t care of Syria.

But this fact is so awful, that the international community is shocked by these bombings. Calls to actions are issued  on Twitter , or by NGOs like Amnesty International.The link to the petition of Amnesty is:

Another one is directly against the chemicals:

Links to petitions, to donations, will be more efficient because they are always associated to photos, videos, or virtual films you can enter , to become , the time of the movie, a Syrian yourself.

It is the case of the very well made site

This site offers petitions to sign, videos (not for all public), a virtual gallery you can enter, and a donation page: there is no obliged  amount, you give what you can.

After these chemical strikes, it is necessary to recall us that exist , in the international right, a Convention Against Weapons of Mass Destruction, and that this one prohibits chemicals. The text of this Convention can be found on the site of the UN.Convention on Chemical Weapons

As the international leaders are looking away, as usual, only individuals can act to protest or to sustain Syria by financing Syrian organisms, or by subscribing to their newsletters.

On social media, and especially on Twitter, the photos shared are some of a nightmare.But they are not a nightmare, they are the reality; some, I didn’t register in my files, because putting them in this blog would have been indecent .Children victims of chemicals in Idlib,April, 5, 2017

So many corpses without the traditional Muslim burial… They only repose in a white linen, according to the tradition .

In most cases, they are aligned on the ground, where death shot them.Russia, which vetoed all peace agreements at the UN, is responsible for a large case of these strikes.The Syrian Regime of Basher Al Assad has no so powerful airplanes, even if it detains chemicals. The photo below is this of a crater made by an airstrike; only Russia has so powerful airplanes and arms:Crater after an airstrike and a suspected use of chemicals in Idlib

Until now, the arms used in Syria were sieges and starvation; the regime used ISIS against the opposition , to confuse the media; unlike this, the Free Syrian Army fights ISIS and Assad.

Now, and the  first time was in 2014, chemicals are a supplementary weapon; it is the more awful one.

At the beginning, American activists published the” Napalm Girl” photo of the Vietnam War.

Nick-Ut, Napalm Girl, 1972.jpg

Napalm was a WMD in Syria, but now it’s  chlorine .

It killed today the first doctor since 2011; he was a surgeon, and preferred to stay with his patients. Like them, he died.Ali Darwish with his patients victims ofchemicals in Hama, March, 25, 2017

As hospitals are bombed everyday and now the staff are lacking , staff from abroad come to help : Doctors Without Borders, SAMS.Syrian hospitals'staff not trained to repond Russian airstrikes, Al Jazeera, April, 4, 2017

This link will open a window to help , as you can:

This post is the way I tried to help; I give when I can to Syrian associations.

So, today, I wrote this post: an activism one.

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