Jailed for Tweeting in the UAE

Scholars, lawyers, and activists, use Twitter in the UAE as in all countries. But there is an enormous  difference with democracy: Twitter as a political tool leads you directly to jail.

As we saw some days ago, Ahmed Mansour, an important opponent to the regime, is imprisoned for having defended human rights.

Ahmed Mansour, latest activist for human rights in the UAE, ICFUAE

This is an activity prohibited by the country, which doesn’t recognize free expression.His last place was revealed, but by the official press agency; it’ s not reliable, because no other information  exists .

Now, Nasser Bin Ghaith  is imprisoned for tweeting.

Dr Nasser Bin Ghaith

The unique thought of the dictatorships, which oblige you to believe these political and religious ideas: this is against this that activists and scholars use the internet, particularly Twitter.On the social network, a contestation is shared: different ideas are spread through the web.But social media are , nowadays, what were books in the past.

All written words try to counter  censorship , but censorship has more power: this of the authorities.

To censored (sometimes publicly burnt) books, respond the surveillance of the Twitter accounts of the scholars suspected  to be opponents to the regime, prince or king.

Using Twitter to defend human rights when you are a lawyer, to ask for   liberty to criticize  politics , to interpret the Quran in a liberal way, as before the 12th Century:  these facts make of you an activist, someone who is dangerous.

For more information, see the article :


The surveillance and censorship are short : we don’t want to confuse American readers , who could think of the practices of the FBI.

Means are direct: enforced disappearance, to an unknown destination ; solitary confinement; in most times, torture; prison, without the perspective of a trial. This one is postponed when its date arrives; in fact, it is always postponed…

So, the accused is judged as guilty of all the crimes whom  he is accused.

Without true trial, and fair judgment, his defense is made by a network of opponents who share the same ideas, but act in exile, in a democratic country, in this case the United Kingdom.

With demonstrations, with newsletters, with a well-made website, they use Twitter, too: as activism network to raise awareness on the political conditions of their co-citizens.They publish , for example, the number of human rights violations monthly: Human Rights Violations in the UAE in March 2017, April 3, 2017

Talking of human rights is not allowed in the UAE.

But human rights are universal, no man can be deprived of them.

With the activists , we raise our voice for them.

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