A Territory Under Attack: Yemen

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When I wrote other posts on Yemen, I had no readers. But now, the hashtag #Together4Yemen is growing on Twitter. Since two years, Yemen is a territory at war, under attacks.

War in Yemen in 2015, reutersmedia_net and Al Jazeera

Attacks by US and UK nukes, sold to Saudi Arabia.This latest country, rich, leads the war to Yemen, and attacks are constant.In a poor territory, like  Yemen, constituted by desert, the contrast is flagrant with the wealthy territory of Saudi Arabia, a land of oil,of banks, of hostels, and the holy territory of Mecca: every year, Muslims, who are able to , meet for the pilgrimage.

What offers the territory of Yemen? For a while, people of  the West have been afraid of it, because it was the territory of birth of Bin Laden; unlike he is dead since years now, AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula) remains present in  parts of the territory: I say, in parts, not on the whole one.

On the remaining of  the territory, tribes of civilians, including children, suffer of the war.To counter  the powerful arms of Saudi Arabia on their territory, they don’t have this power: their courage is their weapons.

But the War in Yemen began in 2015: now, the UNHCR warms that Yemen is a starvation  territory .UNHCR on Yemen emergency, March, 24, 2017

Men fight the Saudi armies, so they can not be farmers at the same time: in these conditions, famine is installing in any territory which lives on its own resources; and Yemen is one of these.

Photos sent on social networks by activists or by the responsible of the UNHCR recall us the famine in Africa in the 70th and 80th.

From Africa to Middle-East, to a part of of the world to another, famine finds its territory.

Nowadays, social networks are a territory, too, in this war; as the public opinion is absolutely indifferent to this humanitarian crisis, on territories like Twitter appear  calls in favor of Yemeni: “silence kills”, “silence is complicity”.

Stop Endless War protest against war in Yemen

How many time will we see in this territory called Yemen, the eyes without hope, and, yet, without life, of the children looking at the photographer? Looking at us ?

At our indifference towards the Yemeni  territory?



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