URGENT action for Ahmed Mansour

  This post is an activism one. A human rights defender is at risk.

Ahmed Mansour is a human rights defender , a prominent  one in the UAE. He was arrested at home, in Dubai, without arrest warrant, and transferred to an unknown destination: in clear, in these countries, he is victim of enforced disappearance, and at high risk of torture.These  practices violate the international conventions on human rights.

These human rights he had fought for ; his crimes, for the power? He has defended political prisoners, he has spoke his mind , notably on Twitter: he used free expression in a country, a Emirate, Dubai, where it is inexistent.

As a Human Rights Defender, he is known out of Dubai: in 2015, he was the Laureate of the Martin Ennals Awards; this price is given to human rights defenders at risk. For more information about it, the reader can read below:


At the time of his arrest, Amnesty published an article to express its anxiety and its solidarity.

Moreover, on Twitter, we find on the account @HumanRighsWatch  calls for his release, and we learn that Ahmed Mansour is a member of the advisory board for the UAE.

Human Rights Watch about Ahmed Mansour, March, 28, 2017

All this information come from the account @ICFUAE. As Ahmed Mansour is more and more at risk, I speak out in favor of this human rights activist.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right, as the right to peaceful assembly: the government of Dubai violates both .No freedom in the UAE, ICFUAE


All demonstrations and protests for Ahmed Mansour’s liberation are in England, before Dubai embassy.

Protest in London for a UAE prisoner, March, 28, 2017

As it is impossible to organize a network of resistance in the Emirate, the ICFUAE and all who share their cause, the resistance took form in the UK. English is the second language of the population, Arabic being the first.

When I followed  the network on Twitter and subscribed to their newsletter, it was in English.

There are no protests in France, so I invite people to join the campaign by writing (there is an auto-filled  template , you don’t need to be a writer), or by twitting to the leader  of the country that he free Ahmed Mansour.This is the link of the campaign:


You can follow the network, ICFUAE on all social media.

If you read this post, act in favor of Ahmed Mansour. 


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