A French title: La Voix Des Syriens

@LaVoixDesSyriens is a project to collect information from  Syrians, and to  make of them testimonies of what they lost in  Assad ‘s dictatorship: a voice to raise.

Moreover, it is a project which has the originality to bring information  and share it in French. As most blogs and networks are written in English, this one chose French as language to express its  views.

Being French myself, I am able to translate these testimonies, because the idea of this project is  great for me. As a supporter of the Syrian Cause and the Syrian Revolution, I will translate with pleasure for English speaking people their ideas.

I follow them on Twitter, and the public will discover why. Towards The French opinion, which is not aware of the issue, they provide information by the diverse media: social networks, TV debates, interventions in theaters with scholars specialized in the Middle-East.

Unlike other sources, who often offer second hand information (and I am one, because I am not a war reporter on the ground), they are all Syrians, journalists because circumstances want  it .

They pay tribute to the dead journalists who inquired in Syria in the beginning of the Revolution in 2011: “211 journalists  and citizens-journalists have being killed in Syria since 2011″is the text of the header.

They raise awareness on political prisoners , jailed since March, 15, 2012, so, one year, day  for day , after the Uprising. As soon as the First  Birthday of the Revolution, Assad made  a terrible repression.

Détenu depuis le 15 Mars 2012, La Voix des Syriens

This prisoner is unknown of the international community; thanks to them, now he is no more.

Bassel Khartabil, Palestinian-Syrian , 35, from Damascus, is jailed in the prisons of the regime since March, 15, 2012.

Before his arrest,  Bassel developed open-source projects  and was equally co-founder of the collaborative research society, Aiki Lab. He had collaborated to worldwide known projects, such as Wikipedia, Open Clip Art, or Mozilla Firefox.

With passion, he worked since three years on the Palmyra Project, to made possible a virtual visit of the ancient city thanks to 3D images.

On October, 3, 2015, he disappears from the Adra prison towards an unknown  destination.

He is probably judged by a Military Tribunal, on November, 11, 2015, and people say he has been executed arbitrarily. Since, his relatives and friends milit  for his liberation.” (translation is my own).

La Voix Des Syriens (Voices of Syrians) wants to bring together  Syrians from worldwide so they can  share their experience, and support the project.

I write this post today on them as a tribute to this initiative: every project in favor of the  Syrian Revolution , whatever in French, in English, in Arabic, is good.

The Revolution began on March, 15, 2011; since this date, the Syrian Network for Human Rights counts the tolls weekly, not annually.948_Civilians_Killed_between_the_Two_Rounds_of_Geneva_Talks_SNHR, March, 24,2017

La Voix Des Syriens organizes  , daily, or weekly, events, so that the public is aware.

In a French opinion focused on the electoral campaign, where the far-right party is the first one in polls, it is vital to remind that liberty and democracy are  conquests .

Since 2011, a whole people is exterminated for having wanted dignity, and freedom.

La Voix Des Syriens speaks for this people, to whom they are part of.

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