Children of Syria, I write for you

I wrote posts about Syrian Children, and, on Twitter, I follow the account @Children Of Syria , which is in Arabic.

This of today is about the degradation of the situation in Syria,  consequence of the indifference of the international community.Unlike this, the only interested in the war in Syria is President Trump , who sees here an occasion to counter Putin’s policy.

But, of course, this is matter of diplomacy , and civilians don’t count in it. Children are forgotten , as the war continues.

At the beginning, my first posts were to raise awareness on an issue   which did’ t  matter to the public.Now, it is to refresh the memory of the same opinion , tell them: “hey, war in Syria is not over, and kids are still dying under bombs”.

As Trump has closed the American borders to Syrians, refugees can’t find a shelter in this country.The “Refugees Ban” is contested only by activists of human rights who agree with the Syrian cause.The link to the petition “no to the  refugees  ban ” is below, for those who have not signed yet:

In Syria, only the White Helmets save children from the shelling ; when the FSA  takes back a territory to ISIS or Assad , this victory benefits to civilians, and to children.

Child saved in rural Damascus, Idlib, March, 26, 2017

Organizations which  send money to Syrian activists, like the Red Crescent or,

allow Syrian parents to keep a light in their children , even if these ones play with some fragile objects.

Syrian Child, Syria Charity, Twitter, March, 26, 2017

But we must bear in mind the Russian cluster bombs, the hospitals bombed, too.Russian cluster bomb in Idlib, March, 26, 2017

This photo, as shows the logo , is property of the White Helmets.

I read media this morning: Trump’s foreign policy, fire on fire if he realizes it; in Europe, the “Brexit” and demonstrations against it; in some countries (France is part of them) , the rise of far-right parties.

Where is Syria?

On a map, a territory of the Middle-East close to Iraq and Lebanon; from a political point of view, a dictatorship.

For Syrians, after 6 years of  a Revolution which became a genocide, it is the hell in which they fight alone, without help.

.FIDH on Syria Geneva Talks 2017, 6 years of Revolution, March, 2017

For the opinion, the question remains: where is Syria? I answer them: in Syria, children are dying, and they could be yours.

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