Syria: The FSA on the ground

Since a while, news were putting Assad at the first plan; but the FSA fights back, against its two enemies: Assad, and ISIS. And, good new, it works.

Against Western media, which put on the same plan the Opposition Army and ISIS, this post shows the FSA fighting both ISIS and Assad . As these ones have taken important targets , crucial towns such as Raqqa, the FSA succeeded   in the liberation of the town; food and medicines have reached the city, but, as usual, in insufficient quantity.Moreover, it was not fully liberated from Assad, and object of numerous tolls, as shown in the graphic below: Violations in Raqqa in February, 2017

Since some days, the FSA was trying to send ISIS and Assad’s forces far from the cities.The fight led them to the Syrian desert: no civilians to bomb , no target. From this destination to the towns, ISIS and Assad militias have a long distance .To bring them so far from civilians and life was a real success.The FSA considers itself alone in its fight for liberty.From a military point of view, it’s true.

The other members of the  Opposition, if we except the National Coalition, which has a “provisory government” role, are civilians , organized in networks with different goals.

The White Helmets, known worldwide thanks to the cinema, are the Syrian Civil Defense, and, on Twitter, users send condolences to those who died in saving others.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, the elder organization , collect data to inform the public about the violations of human rights.Its last report, on the number of casualties since 2011, can be downloaded following this link:

Click to access 207_thousand_civilians_were_killed_by_hands_of_the_Syrian_alliance_Iranian_Russian_en.pdf

For those interested in supporting the Syrian Revolution, the Syria Awareness Network,  ,

as indicates its names, is an activism one, with petitions to sign, and videos on Assad’s massacres: relating to them, there is an awareness message about the violence of the images, and the public who can see them.

There is no doubt: since six years of fights, of shelling, of deprivation, the Syrian people really want to topple the regime, as in 2011:

As we are in March, and on the Six birthday of the Revolution, Syrians send information to the international community , to counter  traditional media, which make a propaganda in favor of Assad. In Syria itself, where there is no freedom of speech, and only one official press agency, this of the regime, SANA (Syrian  Arab News Agency), journalists can fear a repression; but outside Syria? why this disinformation?

We must thank all Syrians who inform us, and the FSA, who fights the two enemies of freedom in Syria.On Twitter, the hashtag #TheRevolutionWillWin  is very active and we will finish on it.


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