The Minimal people ask for: truth and respect

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As this day was declared International Day Against Discriminations by the UNESCO, it is worth to remember , against the lies and insults on which electoral campaigns are built, the minimal people want and deserve: truth and respect. The PDF of the UNESCO can be downloaded following this link:

Click to access 247565e.pdf

People vote, and, after the elections, they realize that a minimal of respect and truth is not in the measures of the elected politician.However, they voted for it . They have been deceived.

The minimal of respect is not shown in the electoral campaign: unlike this, a category of population is insulted, and we could say at a maximal : Black in the USA, by  President Trump, and Arabs, by the candidate Marine Le Pen in France.

To this minimal of respect, we must add the minimal of  truth; now, the FBI is inquiring on some aspects of Trump’s campaign, with suspicions of a participation of Russia. But on other points , too, the minimal of truth that people want and deserve  was not respected: on economics, etc…The journalists of the “Opinion” page of the “Post”, track Trump’s lies; today, the title of the page was “All The President’s Lies”.

With the reference to the movie of 1976, “All The President’s Men”, it was evident that the lies were maximal and the truth minimal. By the same, respect: the minimal of respect was not in the politics; a liar cannot respect those he lies.

Scholars organize conferences on the other cultures to counter this lack of respect. Tomorrow, Columbia University sets up one, against the Muslim ban an the discrimination towards  Black .Actions of scholars: minimal impact or maximal one ?

Chants in political campaign choose to unite a population , or to divide it: it is the minimal we can say of political chants, as we have analyzed them. But recently, they chose to divide: a maximal for one category, a minimal (not to say nothing) for the other.

In France, this choice was clear since the Paris attacks and the refugees crisis in 2015: the minimal due by the asylum right was not given to refugees who were sent back to Hungary; the threat of the Muslim terrorist was created by the media at these times.

Analyzing this discourse, we see a maximal  of lies, and no minimal of respect. It was the minimal that was necessary by populist and far-right parties to grow in the opinion: in a confused economical and foreign context,that minimal was the straw which broke the camel’s back.

It allowed the candidate of this party to take this minimal in the media, and to make it  grow : some refugees seeking asylum were immediately transformed in invaders. The minimal information , which was false at its beginning, and without respect towards  Arabs, was transformed in a maximal of division between “native French” and “non-native”.

Media gave an information, here is the minimal fact; the politician built his (or her) campaign on it, and made of the minimal a maximal of divisions in the population.

The minimal of truth and respect, where are they, behind these chants of hatred?

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