Iran: Nowruz behind the bars

In Iran, Nowruz is the beginning of the New Year, and it is synonym of feast in family. For Iranians worldwide, it’s true; but for Iranians who didn’t success to flee the regime of the Mullahs, there is no feast to celebrate. Those who raised their voices against the power, and defended human rights, are jailed without limitation to their imprisonment.Narges Mohammadi , Iranian human rights activist

Nowruz  behind the bars of an Iranian prison, mostly for having defended free expression in a country where it is inexistent . Human rights activists fight in the hope that the Spring, which marks the New Year, become also the Spring of an Iranian Democracy.

On Twitter, the hash tag  #Nowruz was associated to the name of opponents to the Mullahs, and to the hash tag  #BehindBars.  Numerous are these opponents, to which we must add the case of Nazanin, which is not political.

We wrote about her case: with  two nationalities, Iranian, and British  by her marriage, she went to Iran to visit her relatives; she was arrested without reason at Tehran airport, and, since this date, despite the petition launched by her husband , on  ,

she is still jailed in Iran. The petition still  exists on the platform : as a signer, I receive periodically updates in my mailbox.

The Iranian Opposition  , led by Maryam Rajavi, heard today her discourse for the celebration of Nowruz: she talked about the meaning of this day, the New Year at the moment when Spring appears, and shared her hopes for an” Iranian Spring”(we write this in parody of the famous “Arab Spring”): the fall of the religious dictatorship of the Mullahs, the remembrance of those who died , victims of this dictatorship; freedom of expression, free elections, the abolition of the death penalty , and , at least, the building of a true democracy in Iran. She spoke, of course, of human rights, and didn’t forget the prisoners of conscience detained on this day of feast.-Maryam-Rajavis-speech-on-Nowruz-in-the-PMOI-gathering-906c29a6e8b8dc59062

With her leadership, she is the voice of opposition in exile. Those interested in her speech of Nowruz can  consult it on her site:

To this post, there is no conclusion possible: we can wish a Happy New Year to some, and to the others? Another year begins, but they are not forgotten.


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