How Populist and Far-right Parties Conquer the Power

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The election of Trump and his first measures have raised voices of protestation .But Trump conquered  the power by the legal way: elections.

It is  as not a coup d’état. But his discourses  conquered a large part of the Middle Class; his electoral  chant, “Make America Great Again”, in a period  when change is evident everywhere was reassuring. Even if it brought America back to its past, anxious people, those who feared  unemployment and poverty, were conquered by these ideas.

Yes, ideas from the past: he erased the equality  between Black and White, the Conquest  of this equality by the movement for civil rights. He suppressed  what women conquest in feminism.

He spoke from ideas of the 19th Century,  to conquer the power. At this time, the USA were building their health; and he spoke for the South, as if the Civil War were not ended. He conquered their voices by sharing their values: racism, essentially.

He spoke from a time when migration was not so easy as today, and religions not mixed. With a mix of terrorist threat, a development of military and police forces, he created a “paranoia” against Muslims and foreigners. The Middle Class versus the Middle-East.

And this, without a war to conquer peace in Iraq or in Syria. The peace of a Wall, like this of Berlin before 1989.

But he is not alone in this policy: in France, elections are close. They are more and more closer as time pass. And the same arguments are used to conquer the electorate, by the far-right party National Front (in French, Front National, abbreviated FN by everyone).

Trump and JM Le PEN

This party has always conquered  low-income populations, but now the Middle-Class is conquered , too.

The candidate, a woman, Marine Le Pen, tries to eliminate all traces of the discourses and comportment of her father. In effect , he was sentenced for his racism, and his negation  of the Shoah. Jews and Arabs were equally insulted permanently. He had a great success in veterans of the Algeria War.

But  her program is exactly the same:  (re)conquer the time when France was catholic and rich of her own productions. Exit the euro, back to the national currency, and discriminatory  measures towards Arabs and Jews. With the economical crisis, she conquered a large part of the population, thinking that they could have their jobs.

Founded on an anti-Semitism old of multiple Centuries, and a racism based  on the Algeria War and the actual terrorist attacks, she mixes diverse fears and hatred to conquer the power.

Actually, it is efficient, as indicate official polls.

Only human rights actors, and anti -racist associations are in the fight to impeach this conquest.

We cannot let populist and far-right win .They want to conquer our democracies.

With them, democracy is under threat . Resistance is a conquest, too.



    1. I had, too a Multi-Cultural education in my childhood and I don’t approve the ideas of these parties.
      Moreover, some parts of History are no more in the syllabus, for instance WWII: the youth isn’t aware of the concentration camps; they don’t share our indignation facing fascism

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