For our records: Assad’s genocide

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As the United Nations ceased to count the dead and injured since years now, the record of Assad’s war crimes and crimes against humanity is made by Syrian themselves: the Syrian Network for Human Rights publishes precise reports with the number of casualties.Now, the Syria Campaign records, too, the attitudes of international powers, and launches petitions; their site,

shows us the genocide led by Assad to his people.

Facing the complicity of the media, at a time of electoral campaign in France, and under Trump’s presidency in the USA, we must record the events in Syria.They are our present, the future generations must know .Assad genocide, March, 13, 2017

By the means of our times, photos, cinema, blogging, social networks , demonstrations, we stand for Syria , Syrian people slaughtered by a dictator: by the same, we record Assad’s crimes.They are so numerous that it is impossible to know them all. Only an independent commission of inquiry could record them all, in the perspective to judge Assad and his accomplices at the ICC.

In these types of trials, all the details of the process are recorded , and nobody can contest and say “I didn’t tell this”.

2011-2017: six years and counting of  massacre of civilians , including children and women.Six years and counting of closed borders: in 2015, what was called the “refugees crisis” because Syrians were rejected by Europe.As a record of this period, a photo: this of young Aylan Kurdi, on a Turkish beach.Aylan Syrian child dead on a beach in 2015

In France, in the North, in Calais, the hope to cross the Channel, and the Calais Camp, the “Jungle”, dismantled .Refugees sleeping in Paris streets, photographed  by reporters at this time: sleeping and “living” under stations of the Underground. These photos are a record: this of our shameful attitude . We didn’t speak out against this.REfugees in Paris, 2

And now, as Trump is elected President of the USA, his “Refugees Ban”, which includes the citizens of seven countries, from those is Syria.I consulted the text , it is founded on “security”, which means threat of terrorism . Children are , under this law, potential terrorists!Al Bayda Massacre 250 men, children , women slaughtered, March, 13, 2017

On the site of,  there is a petition against this refugees ban; I give the link below:

Who will record our silence, our media? Media in favor of Assad, yes. I am ashamed to write this, but the first candidate in French elections, according to official polls, finds Assad’s policy very good….

Who will demonstrate against this record of our shameful attitude, in addition  to the record  of Assad’s genocide?

If we don’t revolt, in favor of freedom for Syria, Assad has won.Testimonies are fragile: if he wins, where will be the proofs  of his crimes? Where  the record?



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