From 2011 to 2017: Syrian Revolution ‘ narratives

Yesterday, on March, 10, Syrian Opposition posted on Twitter the beginnings of the 2011 Revolution.

As fake news grow on Social networks, and some accounts are these of Assad’s supporters , or ISIS’ ones, the Revolutionaries wanted to make clear the origins of the Revolution, its chants and motto, its demonstrations.Moreover, as some in the West call them “terrorists”, they shew  the goals of the Uprising in 2011.

They didn’t revolt for bread, as said in most Western papers in 2011, but for freedom and dignity.

Under Bachar Al Assad ‘s regime, they had no rights, and this began with his father  , Hafiz, who founded  the “Baath.”

The imprisonment  of children,  was the light which put fire to a sleeping feeling of injustice.

In Daraa, in Homs, protests erupted with the famous chant of the so-called”Arab Revolutions”: “The People Want the Fall of the Regime”,in Arabic:

. الشعب يريد إسقاط الن ظام

To this chant the Syrian Revolution adds the resignation of  Assad, the dictator issued of a hereditary power:”Go Out Assad” is a possible translation , the best one would perhaps  be “Assad Out”. It would be a translation from the original, in Arabic:

الأسد الخروج

To this, the name of “Assad”, as shown in a video  about the origins of the Syrian Revolution, is in itself object of mockeries : in Arabic, “Assad” means “lion”, so it becomes “donkey”.

The protests are peaceful, but Assad  sends the army, and the first martyrs die in the beginning of the Uprising. Women participate to the revolt, to relay men .Injured are put in the nearer mosque, a sanctuary for Muslims: they are safe, in theory. But Assad has no respect for his people, whatever he can be.

The beginnings of the Revolution are called by Syrians “Fridays of Dignity”. Protests are  after the Friday prayer, and they want to live free, with dignity, not under fear and dictatorship.

When the repression is too evident, Syrians understand that they can no more come back : a Revolution has started. By the same, Assad began the War.

War to his own people: in international laws, it is called a genocide.

2011-2017: six years of a genocide for having wanted freedom and dignity.





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