Women of Iran: International Day of Fight

As in many countries, Iranian women are deprived of liberty. On International Day of Woman, it is interesting to see the roots of this deprivation, and its forms.

First, it seems evident that the regime of the Mullahs, which established, after the fall of the Shah in 1979,a religious dictatorship is the cause of this lack of freedom. All citizens have to endure this unique thought, and the country is hanging its opponents without trial, even minors. In this type of religious regime, the” Sharia”(Islamic Law) is the rule, and women are treated as minors.The Fourth Surat, ” Women”, is read in the most strict way.

Women have, as a consequence, absolutely no rights.But the Iranian Opposition is fighting against the regime, which massacred dissidents in 1988.The party of the Democratic Opposition, is trying to put, at an international level, the Guardians of the Revolution on the list of terrorist organizations.Iran Terrorists, March, 7, 2017, Twitter

At the head of this fight against the Mullahs Regime, there is a woman, who is now known, Maryam  Rajavi.As the Opposition, she established far from Iran, in France, in Auvers, in Paris neighborhood.

She developed  a political program which is radically opposed to this of the Mullahs, to give Iran a true democracy.

In her speeches, she has an authentic leadership: this year, on the International Day of Woman, she gave a speech with authenticity, spontaneity, about the status of women : she wants it equal to this of men.

However, the actual regime of Iran could accuse her of atheism for her ideas, but it is absolutely false.First, she is always veiled, as wants the tradition in Iran, and wears elegant costumes, but long skirts ; there is no indecency in her comportment .

What could shock the Mullahs, who are not open-minded on women, and on other issues, too, is her leadership.The fact that a woman can be a political leader inverse all the values of the Mullahs regime: in it, all positions, from Ministers to Guards, are Masculine.

Thanks to a woman like Maryam Rajavi, with a  strong personality, a political program, and a good education (she speaks French and English   in addition to her mother tongue, Farsi) , the day when we can celebrate the International Woman Day including Iran is perhaps soon.

We pay tribute to her fight for a free Iran and freedom of women.

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