The Good, The Bad and The (very) Ugly

I was first to name this post “Syrian  Revolution”, Trump , and Iran”, but thinking of the politics of Trump and Iran relating to Syria, it was more revelatory to name it with this title of movie.

The purpose of Syrian Revolution is to establish a true democracy, like  this we live in, with independent elections, a Constitution recognizing the same rights to all citizens of Syria, and, for this, to topple the regime of the Baath, this of Assad.

As we all know, the events began in 2011, and now, in 2017, the Opposition to Assad is still under fire , even organized, with an Army, a National Coalition, a political project.For the 6th time, the Talks coordinated by the UN were vetoed by Russia, which is member of the Security Council.

Russia is an ally of Assad, as Iran. Meanwhile, all the progress made by the FSA and the White Helmets to deliver the population are destroyed by he WMD of Iran , Assad, Putin.

Civilians have been killed, starved, bombed by napalm : they have been jailed, and opponents tortured.NGOs have all proofs now to show to the ICC if Assad leaves the power.

We have these reports, the tweets of little Bana Alabed, the videos put on YouTube, the photos taken by the site

This site is an activism one.The movie “The White Helmets”, awarded by the Oscar Jury, is a testimony, too, of the conditions of life in Syria everyday.This is enough for the Good.

As for the Bad, we could tell of ISIS, but it will be later. Let’s begin for the first country in the world: it would not have to play this role, in the name of “the right to happiness”. But what happiness when borders are closed, by fear of terrorism? trumps-world-cartoon-the-international-nyt

In a nation built on migrants, and whose story is this of migrations, in a country which recognize the asylum right, Muslims can not enter the USA: especially if they come from seven Muslim countries, and Syria is in the list.Here, we can speak of ISIS: in every US daily (except “The Nation”), in all  official document, each Syrian is suspected to be a member of the terrorist movement.As a consequence, even babies, elder people, or disabled ones, who cannot be cured in Syria, can ‘t  have a visa to the USA.




“Make America Great Again”: the campaign chant has been caricatured, it’s easy.”Make America Closed Again”. The Wall is not between the USA and Mexico, it is between the USA and the world.

Will the USA, in these conditions, recognize the Iranian regime of the Mullahs as a terrorist organization? The Iranian regime, active close to Assad, is close too of ISIS: of course, in Iran, the Lebanese Hezbollah (party of God)is still active.Without it, ISIS would be nonexistent. But Iran fuels the coalition Assad-Putin, and participates to the extermination of civilians; and the religious extremists of the Iranian Revolution and of the Lebanese War fuel ISIS: the past , the remaining of the past, are putting fire, on a present Revolution.

The Iranian Opposition posted on Twitter  a caricature “Iran Godfather of ISIS”.


Yes, Assad and ISIS: Iran supports both.It is  why it deserves the name of the Ugly.





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