Racial profiling illegal under French law

A witness account of a small sample of the ongoing police racism that is playing out all over Calais every day, since the eviction of the ‘Jungle’. Two hours. Seventeen people of colour detained. Nine arrested. ———- I haven’t been to Calais since before the brutal state eviction of the ‘Jungle’ in 2016, but in […]

via Two hours watching police racism at Calais train station — Calais Migrant Solidarity

I read this post, and  I fully agree that the politics towards people of color or seeming Arab is discrimination.

Particularly, the police make use of violence towards them: the term “racial profiling” is true in this case, because these two categories of populations are suspected, only by their origin.

It has to be denounced as racism by associations, but fundamentally, this practice is illegal under French Law.

In the Constitution of the 5th Republic, of 1958, consolidated 1962, the actual one, it is forbidden to make “ethnic statistics”.

As a consequence, all practice which refers to the “ethnicity” of an individual, as the brutal comportment of the police with Arabs or People of Color is absolutely illegal.

By the same, asking to someone to erase his photos is not allowed, by the individual freedoms.

There is here an abuse of power.

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