Heroes of Syria: The White Helmets

It is not the first post I write about this team, but today, since the Award at the Oscars, their work is more and more exhausting.

To impeach the Peace Talks, Assad, who had bombed Homs before the Negotiations at Geneva, is shelling everyday ; to peace, he answers by war. And what war? Again, he destroyed whole towns, burning them by napalm; the word “napalm” , on Twitter, is written on capital letters, to make it bigger, more awful .Photos of fires, which are the remains of NAPALM, are posted on the network.

So, are craters, where working men had jump, and are trying to extract from  stones and sand corpses: in most cases, in effect, now,  dead persons. Near the crater, a truck, where they put with difficulty and delicateness the dead: they will give them  back to the family for the funerals. These men in the crater, working for others, are the team of the White Helmets .At this date, they have saved more than 80, 000 lives.

The contrast is flagrant between the actions of the regime, crimes against humanity, and their faith, which inspired them the rescue work.

In effect, it is written in the Qur’an  than “To Save One Life is to Save All Humanity.”

For supporters of the Syrian Revolution, they have become Heroes of Syria: the hash tags  #HeroesOfSyria and #SyriaHasHeroes  qualify them.

They were working to rescue civilians as the movie “The White Helmets ” was nominated by the Oscars Jury.


With the ban on visas for populations coming from seven Muslim countries, decided by Trump, they could not enter the USA: Syria is on the list of  the banned countries.

They won the Oscar, and they won our respect, our hearts .

Trump or not, there cannot be ban on  heroism.


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