#AssadMustGo: he is responsible for a genocide

The hashtag #AssadMustGo  went viral on Twitter since a while : the siege of Aleppo, the discovery  of the Sadnaya prison, the killing of children, made it more and more powerful.

Now, with the impossible Peace Talks, due to a bombing in Homs by Assad, whereas Syrians are ready to establish a democracy in their country, the departure of Assad and all his supporters is imperative.

To make is more evident, the Syrian Opposition posted on the network  photos showing Assad genocide.It is impossible to discuss with such a man.

It is, by the same, necessary to oust his allies, Iran, and Russia. The Iranian Regime founds the Islamic State by providing it financial resources, and by indoctrinating  the “volunteers”, soldiers of the fundamentalism.As for Russia, it is historically based in the region by interests in oil.

An ideology of murder, close to this of the Lebanese Hezbollah, which is now classified as a terrorist organization, a country rich in WMD, more than Assad himself , a dictator who uses all means against his own people: Iran, Russia, Assad, make all negotiations impossible.iran-and-isis-twitter-november-16-2016

Concerning Assad, the Syrian Network for Human Rights, the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria, Human Rights  Watch and Amnesty International have all the proofs that Assad is responsible both for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

As a consequence, the realization of the political transition led by the High National Committee  comes with, first, the departure of Assad and  his whole clan.

Syria is no more in the media: the facts of President Trump , his relationships with Russia; in France, the electoral campaign, and the growth of a racist and populist party, made Syria pass after these news.

So, fearing a disinterest of the public, the Syrian Opposition is continuing to show the horrors committed by Assad.


And the supporters, whose I am part, relay them on social networks.

Other news don’t abolish years of genocide.


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