How Assad killed the peace talks before they resume

On February, 20, the Syria Peace Talks , backed  by the UN , were to begin at Geneva, like the precedent. Then they were postponed until the 23d.

For those who are not aware of the situation since the beginning, it would have been  Geneva 4.Geneva 3 was an attempt to stop  the bloodbath, but failed because no discussion was possible between  Assad’s Government and the Opposition.Due to the numbers of casualties and Assad crimes(torture, enforced disappearance, killing of children…), the main claim of the Opposition since 2011 is that Assad must go. These “peace talks” were on February, 2015.

Geneva 2 was on the same pattern.The First Geneva Peace Talks (Geneva1)  encountered the same obstacle.

Even from a visual point of view, imagine an immense square table in a meeting : at one extreme, the Government, at the other extreme , facing one another, the Opposition . In the middle, the UN delegation.

The Government of Assad stay strong on his position: Assad is the leader of Syria.

The Opposition, which is more  and more organized, years after years, with a National Committee, an Army(the FSA), the Syrian Network for Human Rights, and internet activists , such as the Syria Campaign, has now a plan for a political transition.

This political transition means free elections.

They have a project of Constitution, which is democracy.

But all of this is, for them and  for us, impossible with the presence of Assad.

The whole Assad clan, from Hafiz to Bachar, has based his regime on dictatorship, on terror.

How to discuss with a man who killed, tortured, imprisoned, starved, a whole population?

Moreover, remember the use of napalm on cities with civilians.As I write, he continues perhaps…

For a claim of democracy in 2011, his repression was beyond all that was imaginable.Soon, it was no more repression, but systematic killing of all opponents. To men, women, unarmed, joined in the protests, on Fridays, after the Friday prayer.

The  army (not the police) shoot in the crowd, killing women and children.

Today a Twitter  storm is organized, one more,  to support Syria.

The hashtag is #SyriaTalks  with reasons justifying their failure: #SaveTheRest for the detainees, #SyrianChildren , #AssadMustGo, #Assad2TheICC , #IranOutofSyria…

In the day time I have joined my voice to these tweets: the chant of 2011 is still alive, #ToppleAssad; #AssadOut.



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