Syria: in solidarity,we joined in minutes of silence

As supporter of the Syrian Revolution,  I received a mail inviting me to join in some minutes of silences to show my support to Syrian Families.The call was collective, worldwide.

To the loudness of the protests in Syria itself, we must answer by an ordered silence.

This one has been synonym  of indifference; unlike this, it was for the first time a sign of support.

With the Syrian people, I share a lot, and I focused  this blog a lot on the Syrian Revolution, trying to rise awareness on their destiny.

Today, the Free Syrian Army took control of 82°/° of the territory, and Assad, who pretends to reign on the country, controls less than 18°/° (part of the land is still upon the” direction” of ISIS).

The operation “Euphrates Shield”, which had for goal to conquer the zones under control of Assad-Russia-Iran , is a success .

But now , they have to oust Assad and ISIS.

As the Geneva peace talks were postponed because of the violation of the truce by Assad, the population wants Assad to go; moreover, the Syrian Coalition has a plan for a democratic Syria.

On the banner of the header, the demonstrators have written “go out” both in Arabic and in English.The Arabic chant is the same than in 2011.

Most Arab dictators have resigned or were ousted by an international-led war; since 2011, elections and elections succeded, with demonstrations.

In Syria, from 2011, March, 15th, to now, six years of wars followed , one year after another: a war led by Assad to his own people, living more and more in hell.

It is , too, written on the main banner, addressed to the American people, whose leaders never intervened :

9/11/2001 was one time .Since 2011, in Syria,they live it everyday.

Associations were created, to support Syrians ; some , having a judiciary experience, investigate Assad’s murders, his war crimes, and crimes against humanity.So , the Committee for the Detainees, and the SNHR (Syrian Network for Human Rights).

Their information complete this of NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

The Liberation of the Detainees is a priority  in the political transition ; on Twitter, it is expressed by the hashtag #SaveTheRest.

As for Assad, “Go Out!”, the claim of 2011 has become #AssadMustGo, and , personally, as I think , #Assad2TheICC.



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