Syria: six years of Revolution, but Assad fights back

I was to write on Syrian children, but having a look on my blog, I  saw so many posts about this issue…Since 2011, the main victims of the bombing, of the sieges, are Syrian kids.Six years of assassination  of the Syrian future, the same who are refused a visa because they are potential terrorists; oh, yea, a baby, or a kid of four years old …Don’t laugh, they are freezing in the Greek winter, waiting for a shelter in Europe.

Assad has a good propaganda, like all dictators: his interview on French media was nauseous, because he dared  negate the prisons and the use of torture. Denying a reliable organization like Amnesty International is propaganda ; whereas his regime is contested since the photos of the Cesar Report and the investigations of Human Rights Associations, since the Opposition is organized  , Assad needs to fight back : the bombing are more and more violent.

Have a look on the situation in Syria today after these six years; the Coalition has a draft of Constitution, an army, the FSA, a new  flag,  and they are ready to have peace talks, at one only condition: without Assad.

On the site of the Syria Awareness Campaign, you can find a petition , Assad to the Hague

And today, in Hama, Bachar Al Assad  paid a tribute to his father , Hafiz, by putting in the martyr town the restored statue of Hama’s murderer in 1982.


Hafiz Al Assad established in Syria a dictatorship founded on blood, obliging Syrians to silence, by slaughtering a whole city.

Bachar Al Assad is justifying , as citizens worldwide  are protesting in favor of Syrians, his dictatorship founded  on murdering a whole people, a whole country.It’s Hama everyday, now.

Killing children is a war crime, as defined in the International  Conventions; killing a whole people( or part of a people because of his ethnicity, as in the case of Rwanda)is a crime against humanity.

The ICC  at the Hague works slowly, it has not, yet, judged the Rwanda, and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is at its Third Session; in the last case, the slowness has an explanation ; 15 years of civil war cannot be judged easily.

How will it take to judge Assad’s crimes from 2011 until… When the peace? I have so hope about it.



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