Marine Le Pen creates scandal in Lebanon

An article in the daily “L’Orient Le Jour ” related an official visit of the candidate Marine Le Pen to the Lebanese authorities.

It appears  that she managed not as a candidate to an election, and President of a political party, but as she were still elected President of the Republic. She was received with ceremony by President Aoun, but she revealed her true opinions when she was asked to cover  , to visit  religious Islamic sites, with the Mufti.

It was clear in her discourse about it that she was absolutely against Islam   in all its forms; on her Islamophobia    relay all her campaign and credibility in France. But in a country where there are Muslims, of course, it was shocking.

Moreover, she declared  her political sympathy for Assad, who can only save Syria, from her point of view, and with Putin.

When she said this in French channels, as most people are not well aware of the situation in Syria, it did not created such a scandal; from Putin,  people having a bad opinion are those who know what is happening in Ukraine: the others are indifferent.

In polls, she have a good place in intentions of vote: actually, 26 °/°, which make her the leader(source: IFOP, a French institute of polls).

This first place is justified in her supporters by the reasons of her scandal in Lebanon: she hates Islam, Arabs, and would be an ally of Assad and Putin, who both assassinate Syrians .

Lebanon has welcomed  many Syrian refugees , more than Canada and powerful nations. But it is a close country, by its frontiers.

The demonstrators we see on the video (sorry, it is in French, like the paper “L’Orient – Le Jour”), protest against  her opinions, with  banners on which they have written “No Fascism “, “No Islamophobia”, “Oust Fascism from Lebanon”, and so on .

In this protest, is shown , too, the solidarity of these young  with Syria.

From a French point of view, there are two times in the 20th Century when Marine Le Pen’s ideas were realized : in 1940, by the Marshall Petain, who accepted the Nazi policy and collaborated with them; in the Algeria War, by extremists, who didn’t accept the separation from Algeria .

Have we to be proud of it?

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