Trump: toward a new Watergate?

According to Trump’s policy, and the role of money in his elections, which makes them unclear (every reader aware of the elections knows the “Citizens United  Amendment”), the Democratic Party is   inquiring on the conditions of these elections. Moreover, Trump has admitted in his team, in the government, men whose first   measures were to make a regression in the democracy.

In the examination of the elections, an independent commission have found, until now, a suspicion  of a Russian hacking in the election system. The role of Russia, unveiled , should  provoke a scandal: all US newspapers are focused on this new now.Human rights associations, too, because we attend at the closure of the free media; to close the free media, which is unconstitutional , because it is against the First Amendment, is the first decision taken by a dictator.In the daily newsletter of Human Rights Watch, the term “dictator” is employed about this lack of information.

Moreover, all Trump’s  actions , and all his chants and discourses, reveal a dictator.Cartoonists and journalists have played with his electoral chant. In this case, “Make America  Great Again”would become “Make America Corrupted  Again”.

Trump is unpopular because in a few time he has attempted to reverse the right to abortion, to close independent media, to suppress the visa from numerous countries, to ban Muslims, and the police is no more controlled when a Black or LGBT is killed or injured.He rejected the Paris agreement  on climate change.


This photo is a message of support  to minorities on Valentine’ Day:we can see in it  the Stripes of the American Flag , but with anti-Trump protests and  a stand for the minorities he oppress.

And now, we learn that his election was perhaps hacked by Russia; we knew that many people could not vote, especially in the South : Black people, of course. The South is continuing its policy of constant racism.

If there were interference of a foreign nation in the election, then, the procedure of impeachment could begin, as it was for President Nixon after the proof of a spying affair. So, the word “Watergate”haunts the dailies.

This hacking needs to be confirmed, but the review Center for American Progress made a long article on it.In it, they show a foreign  flag;  what is confirmed is that Americans are governed by a man without culture, because Trump doesn’t know this flag : it is the Russian one.

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