For Syrian Children

It is not the first post I write on Syrian children, but there is an emergency in their future. Actually, the politics of Assad and his allies , their perpetual bombing, are a menace to children.

They are the more vulnerable in shelling; among refugees , left at the door of Europe, in the border of Greece, they suffer from the rigorous winter, without  shelter.The UNHCR and the UNICEF rise awareness on this, but Europe has closed its frontiers to refugees, and Syrian kids are left in the cold.

In Syria, the breaking of the ceasefire by Assad (a ceasefire of FOUR DAYS), makes of children targets like others. We can say  it is a war crime, but since the beginning of the Revolution in 2011,the whole reaction of Assad toward the peaceful Uprising constitutes a succession of war crimes.

Killing Syrian children are killing the future of Syria; actually, the wounded cannot be cured, because of the lack of medicine ; in some cases, injures are grave, and would need an operation, with surgery material and competency.They are lacking in the country.


Syrian children are children of war: we must act so they don’t become a lost generation.

According to the UNICEF, they are growing without vaccines, without an education, a safe food; according to testimonies, targeting schools and hospitals  is the worse deprivation , because Syrian schools were  excellent; Syria was known for its places of culture; now it is for Assad’s genocide.

In refugees camps, kids lack of teachers speaking Arabic; this language is told in every country at the University or at some specialized Institutes.You can become an Arabic teacher as an English teacher, by the same way.

For Syrian children, I have written this post, according to the principle that our action (or inaction ) makes us accountable ; some , on Twitter, have said “before history and before our children”.

I don’t have children, and I don’t write for history; but my action (or inaction) makes me accountable before my conscience.


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