“The White Helmets”: documentary in NY cinemas

The White Helmets, Syria Civil Defense , has been honored on social media, but also on cinema; a producer realized a  movie, precisely a documentary on these heroes of the Syrian Revolution.

All civilians and workers in various  jobs before the Revolution, they  founded this movement of rescue to wounded , and to search of corpses, in the ruins of bombing, on the verse of the Qur’an: “To Save a Life Is To Save All Humanity” : it is their motto.


The  documentary is a tribute to their bravery and disinterest , their sense of honor, their faith.

On a precedent post about them, I put the video of the trailer.

On Twitter, a hashtag went viral for a while before the Nobel Price: Twitter users asked for the Nobel Price for the White Helmets , relating to their actions.

They didn’t have it, but they had the Lively Award . The film, too, was awarded  by the Oscar’s Jury.It is a living documentary, which makes sharing the shelling  of the Syrian Revolution to the public, and which pays a tribute to these heroes, all anonymous,  men and women.

Until today, people had to thrive to see it on You Tube; it was only on streaming, and in most cases  the creation of the account , which was announced for free at the beginning, was not.Of course, the movie is under copyright.

The public can see it in some cinemas, it was announced today by a US paper, “The New York Times “, I think.

The film  is in Arabic with English subtitles : these ones are easy to read. I tried with extracts and interviews on their You Tube channel , The White Helmets.

I subscribed today to this one, because it provides news from the White Helmets; I follow them, too, on Twitter.

When it is possible to see the movie where I live, I will , of course, see it.

As a Muslim and as a supporter of the Syrian Revolution since 2011, I honor these heroes.

These lines are no more than a tribute to them.

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