Syrian children killed with cease fire

As a cease fire  had been  signed by Assad and its allies, the massacres of civilians continue, especially children.In these bombings, Assad kills the hopes of the Interim  Government , which, of course,implicate his departure. The slaughter of kids is a hijacking  of peace;facing  it, the Revolutionaries will  never  admit a political plan.

Today, on Twitter, I answered to the demand to relay the post of the account  @RevolutionSyria, about the use of torture by Assad before killing his victims:

Thamer was 15 year old. Detained by Assad regime: 29-04-2011 Family received his body: 08-06-2011 There were no armed groups in #Syria

These two lines are a quote.I give them because they are revelatory  of the manner Assad assassinates children or teenagers: the photo of the header, under property of the National Coalition, is this of a child killed by napalm;on the city he lived in , napalm was dropped by airplanes.He seems to be wounded, or to sleep, but he is a victim of Assad.

However the use of this arm is forbidden by the Convention on Chemical Weapons, Syria has been victim of it , and with regularity.I hope soon the public will revolt as it made in 1972 , during the Vietnam War.

Relating to the death of Thamer, the teen , 15 years old , the way his corpse was received by his family,  is now for us without secret, since the publication by Amnesty International of its report on Syrian prisons, especially Sadnaya, since 2011 to 2015.  The link of the PDF is below; even if it given by, you can change the language, of course:

Click to access amnestyfr%2F955e1a0e-b96a-49c1-bd34-db8ae703ccd4_human+slaughterhouse.pdf

Yesterday, the Syrian Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces posted that the Interim Government has worked with the EU  on the future institutions of Syria: I hope my next post will be about this, and no more about crimes against humanity committed by Assad and its allies.

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