I read  this hashtag today on Twitter and I wanted to share it.Yesterday, I wrote , yet, about  Yemen War, but I had ONE reader: it’s better than ZERO reader, but it shows the interest (disinterest) of opinion in a war which is now killing both by Saudi bombs and by starvation.

When Amnesty International put in line a petition against the trade of bombs to Saudi Arabia by the UK and the USA, I signed it: the respected newspaper “The Guardian”  learn me today that UK continues this shelling; profit before human lives.

As  a result, Yemen, which was classified as 154th on 180 in the rank of development by the World Bank in 2015, on criteria like  drinkable water,  access to healthcare, and so on, has to suffer from a war led by a rich country . On Twitter, the most frequent  hashtags , until today, were #SaudiDefeat, and #YemenFightBack.;this late was the name of an account, @YemenFightBack.


But #RedLineForYemen has a goal: to break the international silence facing this war and its consequences.We raise our voices for Syrians, for Bahraini, for Iranians, for Palestinians locked in the Gaza Strip: why not for Yemeni? For me, as an activist and as a man, all men are equal in rights; the Universal  Declaration of Human Rights, of 1948, in the path of these of the 18th Century, allows us to fight for every people.

At the time when Yemeni are dying, and when the OCHA is launching a call for an emergency plan, and an emergency help,we cannot are bystanders. We were, for a while, for Syria, and finally our conscience awakened to the situation.

As humans, we have to be aware of ALL crisis, not to select one.

We cannot stay silent as Yemen dies: it dies of Saudi bombs, of starvation : it dies, too, of our silence.

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