Yemen: a humanitarian crisis

Yemen is forgotten, victim of the Syrian genocide and of the American elections.However, since 2015, the country  suffers of a  terrible war led by Saudi Arabia.

Activists have signed petitions against the trade of weapons to Saudi Arabia by the USA and the UK, the more important sellers to this healthy client.Unlike this, the Yemeni war is the fight of the giant (Saudi Arabia) against a minuscule adversary.

Since 2015, tribes are organized to battle against their common enemy , but this one, knowing the poverty of Yemen, made a long war: two years is enough.

If we see a map of Yemen, there are quasi no fertile areas; moreover, if the workers are occupied to fight, starvation is installing quickly.

The United Nations emitted today a call for an international help, relaying the work on the ground of the OCHA.They recognize , for the first time since 2015, that a humanitarian crisis is at work in Yemen, and that the more fragile people, such as kids, are at risks: lack of food , and of healthcare.The photo of the header is under property of the United Nations and Human Rights  Watch.

The OCHA publishes a map of the regions (guvernorates), bombed , and in need by consequence of the war; we can situate on it the  number of casualties.

The public must be aware of this: Yemen is no more the land of origin of Ben Laden. Ben Laden is dead since a while; AQAP has nothing to see with these civilians .They are rebels who wanted democracy in 2011, in the “Arab Spring”, like others , and who fell in a civil war in 2015.

Saudi Arabia exploited this weakness, this disorganization, to launch its weapons on the Yemeni.They united against the common enemy, but now is the time when their weakness appears: Saudi Arabia is rich, and can make a long war; Yemen is poor , this long war has exhausted it.

The OCHA called for a help, because of this humanitarian crisis, but they are not alone: today, on Twitter, the team of Human Rights Watch warmed of starvation in Yemen.

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