For Syrian children , we raise our voice

As Syrian opposition is , on Twitter, giving his political exigencies, the death of children is still a tool of terror between Assad’s hands.It recalls us that peace is not for now, and that the coalition Assad-Iran-Russia has no scrupulousness to kill the more vulnerable, kids.

On Twitter, the account Children of Syria (in fact, it is in Arabic, اطفال سوريَ@ ) is the voice of all Syrian children, sharing the   wounded and killed.

There is no day without the publication by the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, or the Syrian Network for Human Rights, of children massacred by the regime.Today, the Opposition related the killing of at least 10 kids.

In graphics, the SNHR, gave the part of victims, military and civilian: civilians are more numerous than armed forces , and in civilians, women and children are the major part.

The Revolutionaries, who want that war crimes be judged, have proofs, in these events.

Since 2011, shelling kill the future of the country. Some films were realized to raise awareness in the opinion, but I don’t know if they had a lot of viewers.

In the video below,  people may be afraid of the beginning in Arabic, but there are only some words; the whole video has good English  subtitles: I saw it before putting it in the blog.

It is not a new video, whereas the photo of the header, property of the National Coalition, is dated of February, 3rd: kids were killed in Hama, at this date.

This continuity in the massacre of children by Assad’s regime is speechless.

Only judges can have words for it.

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