Spain: an accountability for Assad’ s murders?

Recently, a Spanish woman identified in Syrian  corpses a member of her family.Under Spanish law, she will file a complaint against Assad’s regime, responsible for the massacre; corpses have traces of tortures.They are part of the victims photographed by Cesar, and killed of the so-called “Cesar Report”, which allowed to recognize the mass killing of Assad regime, and the systematic use of torture.

Thanks to these photos, all victims have been identified; the Association for Accountability of Conscience and Detainees wants justice  for these State murders.

But only Human Rights Associations, such as Human Rights Watch, were interested in the affair, until this discovery by a Western woman.

In 2015, Human Rights Watch published a report If the Dead Could Speak, using Cesar’s photos, to raise awareness on Assad’s methods toward  the opponents.

As there is no justice in Syria, justice can be made in the West, in the EU, and serves as an example for the others.

The woman will file a complaint for murder, torture, and enforced disappearance; of course, she didn’t know that a member of her family was imprisoned.

As Spain has signed the Geneva Conventions, the treatment  of the victim can be denounced, first, like a violation of these. It is State murder, and  torture. Spain, which has  built  democracy on the ruins of fascism,  condemns in its actual laws State murder and torture.

On an international point of view, the authorities of the country can make pressure on the Syrian Arab Republic, the regime of Assad, to call for accountability in this case .

The newspapers  talked of this new ( the photo of the header is under property of ” The Washington Post”) ; and the Cesar Report is dated of 2015.

Two years of silence, but we can hope that Spain open a breach in it, by the trial claimed by this woman.

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