Recognize or Reject: Trump’s ban problem

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Trump’s ban was not a recognition; unlike this, it was purely a refusal, a rejection, presented as an anti-terrorism measure, a law enforcement: the USA had to recognize their enemies, and, in the racist thought of Trump, they were all Muslim and Arab.

But this rejection was against the Constitution: the First Amendment, the right to travel freely, and the equality of all men.

A judge dared , we said  it some days ago, to refuse the execution of the decree.Trump was unlucky, because this lack of recognition came from a Federal Judge; moreover, he was a man of George Bush’s team.

Trump, in the text of the law, invoked the potential terrorists  in the path of 9/11.This Federal Judge , who attended this attack, refused to recognize the law, in the name of the Constitution.

As a supplementary offense, he worked on this legal point with a Democratic Judge. A Republican and a Democratic working together, it is not often; and, generally, a man from the same party than the President recognizes his measures.

Here, the judges  don’t recognize Trump’ s decree legitimacy, but this of the demonstrators. Citizens of the country were right not to recognize themselves in this law: with their posters and banners, “I am a migrant”, they affirmed the reality of the USA.

With this refusal, this rejection, refugees who could no more enter the US territory can, under the right to asylum.

Syrians, especially, were banned without time; the lift of this ban is so good a new that is was shared on a Syrian Opposition site,

On it, they uploaded a video of Al Jazeera showing the happiness of  refugees now authorized to enter the USA:

They recognize the great work of these judges against  Trump.



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