Assad mafia,from Hafiz to Bachar

On Twitter today, there were  not the massacres of nowadays in Syria which were evoked, but those committed by Bachar Al Assad’s father, Hafiz.The goal was evident: to show that Syrians live under an hereditary dictatorship, and that Bachar crimes are in the path of his father’s ones.

Recalling Hama, in 1982, a town absolutely exterminated by Hafiz, because of a rebellion under the direction of the Muslim Brotherhoods, they put in evidence that Bachar, murdering a whole city, acts like his father.The massacre of Hama is not known by everyone in the West; it is by specialists of the Middle-East.

In the aim to make the population live in silence and terror, Hafiz made an example in the repression of this revolt: corpses were , as it is a tradition in Arab dictatorships, put in front of the doors, so that families find them, but with marks of torture, particularly in the eyes and the mouth.

Don’t see , don’t speak: this was the awful message given to the population.

Hafiz erased a whole city : it was the more cruel gesture of an Arab dictator.He preceded  those of 1988 in Iran.

In 1982, Syria was part of the War of Lebanon; on Twitter, today, an activist who wanted to show the continuity between the 80th and now uploaded a video, an archive of the 80th, where the Hezbollah explains  that , with Iran, it will invade both Lebanon and Syria.

The goal was to establish an Islamic Republic in Iran: we’ve seen the results…

Today, Iranian opponents joined  Syrian Revolutionaries, of course.Iran is with Russia and Bachar Al Assad , and the Hezbollah is playing the role of the Islamism.

As for the victims , between 2011 and 2017, they are killed by chemicals.The number is so growing that now the Syrian Network for Human Rights publish a monthly report, not an annual one: in January,in only one month,  more than 781 children were killed., most by chemicals.


Towns after towns, Bachar makes now what made his father in 1982: first, Homs, then Deraa, Aleppo, and now Wadi Barada.

But Revolutionaries are organized : they have proofs of Bachar Al Assad’s massacres.They want a commission on War Crimes to be opened ; it they are recognized, they have proofs of a genocide.

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