Trump Muslim Ban: Resist

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Trump’s  Muslim Ban  made in less than  a week a vague of protest in the whole USA, a movement to resist. Anxious to be forbidden of a visa, European countries resisted , too.

Finally, the Muslim Ban is presented by Trump himself as a mean to resist: to resist to what? To terrorism. In the aftermath of former President Bush, he used a discourse made  of “clash of civilizations” and actual terrorism, ISIS.

So, he presented his decree as a resistance to terrorism ; he even used a old report of the UN proving that kids  , and babies could be excellent suicide bombers…

If you want to cry or laugh reading this, resist. Go to a protest, there are

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The Muslim Ban concerns seven countries : Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran , are the most concerned, because Syrian refugees , Iranian opponents cannot install in the USA. If they want to resist, it will be in their own country; if they lack of everything, it is not the problem of Trump.

A Jewish activist , today, as a resistance, created a Twitter account to recall that in 1939, the USA refused a boat full of Jews fleeing the Nazi prosecutions: they all died in Auschwitz.

In 1939, Jews, today, Muslims: the resistance to the power is everywhere . Social networks help , and amplify the resistance.And, well, it’s good to see Jews and Muslims fighting together: beautiful resistance!

As Arab Muslim themselves , they resist by demonstrations , in public places, large ones, such as airports. One day, their ancestor was an immigrant to a country which resisted to religious prejudices , thanks to the First

Now, by solidarity, they resist for other Muslims, in the name of the sharing ,  the giving , a religious pillar of Islam.

Many petitions have been created to refuse this law; after the link of the petition, other means to resist are given: calling the senator, giving money, sharing on social networks. The resistance to Trump is organized.

Some dailies, like “The Nation” compares him to Nixon, saying that it took years to Nixon to create the mess in the USA, and to Trump, only some days: as soon as the first week, in fact.

In the actual United States, one thing unites people: Trump has deceived them, has lied them. The resistance to Trump unites people.

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