Trump ‘s refugees ban makes scandal worldwide

As Syria is entering more and more in the crisis, Syrian refugees are looking for an asylum.

The USA were an ideal goal: it is a nation of migrants, built on this very notion: in the port of New York, on  the Statue of Liberty is written the famous sentence”give me your poor, your tired, your despaired”. In the Independence Declaration, to the right to freedom is added the right to happiness. : Trump has abolished three centuries of American History by a single decree:

. In the aim to give more safety to the territory, he decided that now no migrant should be allowed to enter the USA.First, it was question  of the Muslims, and the scandal was made by this community, because the First Amendment guarantees a total liberty of opinion.At the frontier with Mexico, a Wall was to be built, at the depend of Mexicans: American citizens had not to pay for this.

But the real threat is immigration , in one word : refugees. Canada has welcome on its territory a good number of Syrian refugees, who are happy of their new shelter.As there is a free circulation between the USA and Canada, the fear of refugees is Trump’s real one.

Welcoming more, by opening the borders, to individuals at risk, is against Trump’s foreign policy , isolationism ; the day when the President signed this decree , on January, 25, a Judge refused to execute it. It was the first refusal, but it opened a movement.

Americans recognize themselves in the values of immigration : as soon as  January, 25, protests began nationwide, and, as we can see in the video below, they hold posters  and banners on which is written ” I am a migrant” , “I am an immigrant” , or “Refugees Welcome”




In New York, the demonstration was so important that demonstrators  blocked JFK Airport.

American dailies recalled the character anti-American of the decree ; the more progressive paper, founded in the 19 Th Century, at the time of the Civil War, “The Nation”, denounces the fact that Trump is a recession in US politics, compared to the Obama era.The “New York Post”, provides this photo where Trump seems accusing, condemning the world: we took it for the header.

The video is found on Al Jazeera English. The Syrian site www. gives a new petition : no to the refugees ban.

Those interested in sustaining the asylum right and Syrians can go to these sites.

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