Syria: the people want to oust terrorists

On Friday, January, 27,  demonstrations took place nationwide in Syria against the terrorists of Fatah Al Sham (ex Front Al Nusra), as this later wanted to battle with the FSA.

After all the events, in Homs ,Diraa, Aleppo, and now Wadi Barada,Syrians feel a real confidence in this army, which protects them since 2012.Unlike the common opinion in the West, and especially in media, ISIS and its  branches represent an ennemy to the Syrian people, an ally of Assad.

In fact, after Astana talks, to sum up, Assad has many allies: Russia, Iran, but also ISIS.

Syrians can count on the FSA, and the White Helmets. The FSA is the armed part of the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Oppositon Forces.

The Coalition has a political project, but this one supposes the departure of Assad before the elections. Until this moment, the Coalition is an interim government of the democratic Syria.

The news that Fatah Al Sham wanted to fight with the Revolutionary Army spreaded in all towns and  villages and provoked an insurrection.As usual, it was a Friday, free time in Muslim countries: but on the photo of the header, we  can identify only men in the demonstrators; it is not a “day of rage”, where women are the majority of the protesters.In this photo, under property of the National Coalition, we see that participants held the revolutionary flag, the new Syrian flag.

Relating to terrorism, the Coalition  issued a press release, in the beginning of January, calling to the population not to support  the terrorists, whatever they could be, because they represent  an obstacle to the achievment of the Revolution, the establishement of democracy in Syria.

The same day as the demonstration,  the Coalition took an important resolution : after the meeting, they announced that their priorites were to protect the civilians, to secure the education of children, and the safety of refugees.They called on the friends of Syria to spread this and to  participate in the realization of these goals.

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