Yemen, the untold war

The UNOCHA published today a report on the situation in Yemen now, after  years of war : the country suffers from a humanitarian crisis , which will conduct soon to a complete lack of food for the population; yet, the bombings of Saudi Arabia made many injured  and tolls , in whom we can find children, the more fragile category. Giving a statistical picture will be interesting and clear: humanitarian-crisis-in-yemen-unocha-january-28-2017

On Twitter today, with the mobilization for Syria , and for prisoners of conscience, who are numerous in the Middle-East, people tweeted for the Yemeni, victims of the Saudi shelling.

Of course, the Yemeni War is complex: it begins like a civil war, when former President Saleh resigns.Yemen is not a country: it is made of tribes, sharing the same territory, but these clans are divided for power.Unlike the current opinion, Arabs are not the dominant population: they live only  in the South of the land.

All these clans enter  in a civil war when the tribe  of the Houthis attempt  to impose its sovereignty to the others.At this time, the UN present  the Houthis like terrorists affiliated to AQAP (Al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula).In effect, in 2015, the site of  AQAP provides information on the situation in Yemen.

But in its Resolution, the UN proposes a meeting in Saudi Arabia, in Rhyad…

The first aim of Saudi Arabia, when beginnig the War against Yemen, is the so-called war against”terrorists.”

But Saudi Arabia is wealthy, it can buy a powerful weaponry, made in the USA, or in Europe,and Yemen is poor.

When fall the bombs ,  they  fall on civilians, and , if they fall on armed men, on warriors, what a rifle can do again a warplane?

Yemeni have the knowledge  of the ground : they can hide themselves, and use the tactic of the snippers.

Two years later, RiskMap, a site dedicated to the observation of wars, shows the power of Saudi Arabia versus Yemen.


If this situation, with its disproportion, continues, soon, Yemen will be like Syria today. But with the humanitarian disaster, and the documentaries, now Syria matters.

Every man matters. The Yemeni War is now a Yemeni crisis: time is counted  for the population.

For us, time to awake and to insurge against silence.

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