After Astana Talks, the position of the FSA

I wrote yesterday about the stakes of the Astana Talks for Syria, and what wanted the Opposition, especially the FSA.

This post is only about the FSA, because the Free Syrian Army is of high importance in the Syrian Revolution: it is the moderate rebel army, it represents the insurgent people of 2011.

So, at negotiations  , it sits at the table and puts clearly a list of exigencies. These are clear, as we can see in the photo of the header: this is a screenshot of the account @FSA on Twitter, that I follow on the network, because they defend Syrian civilians attacked by Assad, Russia, and Iran.

Relating to these ones, Russia and Iran, it is an imperative demand that these countries  leave Syria: they are invaders, accomplices of Assad, and they have nothing to do in the land. Moreover, their role  have played an important part in the growth of the Islamic State. For the  Western reader , who could be confused by such a complexity, the FSA fights ALSO the Islamic State. I am sorry to be obliged to write this, but when I read some papers, I am so afflicted:  evidences must be written , against prejudices.

Relating to Assad, Human Rights organizations , much trustable, such as Human Rights Watch, or Amnesty International , found in Assad’s prisons detainees who are dying of starvation, or under torture, after being victims of enforced disappearence: in some cases, corpses and  still living people are in the same jail.

On Twitter today, the tweet #detaineesfirst went viral,before  these of #Astana and #FSA.

At an international level, as Europe and the USA had a rigorous policy towards Syrian refugees, President Trump is asked not to refuse any agreement  , and not to cooperate with Iran and Russia. Many  American dailies wrote about a Russian financement of Trump’s electoral campaign, and of good relationships between Putin and Trump: now , it represents a stake for peace in Syria and a threat for stability in the Middle-East. This magnific picture was under a tweet to Donald Trump:


About Europe, the blog Calais Solidarity shares interesting news , about this refusal, and the precariousness it obliges refugees to live in:

As a conclusion , no more Iran nor Russia in Syria; the liberation of the detainees; Assad’s departure, which means resignation: this is what wants the FSA.

The Opposition adopted, against Assad’s flag, its own flag: Syria flag.

Syria want to topple its murderers.

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