Devastation , or Peace, at Astana talks?

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Devastation is the current situation in Syria. After Aleppo, some analysts  said the war reached a turning point: as I understood, Syria could not see more devastation, more injured, more horrors.

However, devastation continued:  besieged neighbors of Damascus were unable to furnish water to the capital, after bombings.

At an international level, the election of President Trump in the USA was not a good new: in his inaugural speech, he made a vibrant tribute to President Bush; his reference to 9/11 and his criticism of Obama ‘s foreign policy in the Middle-East promised a potential devastation of the area.

Syrians had  against them  a coalition , made of Russia-Iran , backing  Assad regime, which made of the whole country a devastation: siege, bombings(with weapons more powerful than Assad ‘s), and no future for the children.As soon as 2015, the UNICEF called of a “lost generation” about Syrian kids; the latest report is dated from today, it is concentrated on the children of Deir Ezzor, a besieged city.children-in-besieged-deir-ezzor-ara-news-january-24-2017

Kids are the future of a nation : when they are deprived of education by a war , this is a real devastation: we kill the future and the potential of a country.

Today, as the UNICEF issue its new report , peace talks are deciding of the success of years of a  Revolution which transformed in a pure devastation ; as usual, the leaders are at the board, the regime, Iran , and  also the Opposition, with an exigency, the fact that Russia respect the truce, the ceasefire ; the reader can remember that this cease fire was, like the others, of some days; fragile, so… When Russia shelled again , it was against the laws of war, it was not expected, and the number of tolls was a bad surprise: the presence of Iran and Russia is a devastation in itself.

Russia has got a powerful weaponry, which creates a devastation in a rebel army , the FSA; Iran, with the power of indoctrination of the mullahs, backs IS, sometimes, and sometimes Assad; when we don’t know where stands your enemy, devastation is close: how to prepare a defense?

The Astana   peace talks are expected by every participants to put an end to these six years of horrors, of devastation , which is Syria now.

The FSA and the National Council of Revolutionary of Opposition Forces will participate to these negotiations  if Russia respect the truce, and if Assad’s departure is accepted as a condition.

For the Opposition, there will be no negotiation with Assad at the power: his resignation is an imperative condition.

Relating to devastation, the bigger is, finally, the creation of the Baath and its dictatorship: six years on , despite the sieges and the shelling, the people still want to topple the regime.

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